Get rid of these things before moving home

Moving home is an extremely exciting moment in your life. There is so much planning, packing, unpacking, etc. You need to pack all of your valuable possessions. Along with this, you need to think about all of the things you will not need in your new house. When you have lived in one place for some years it is likely that you have collected lots of objects that you actually don’t need. Here comes the question: Take it or toss it?
Here are some examples which may help you decide what to get rid of before moving to your new home.

  1. Old books, magazines and newspapers

          Let’s admit it – we all have tons of old books, magazines and newspapers. They are all over the house – on the sofa, under the bed, behind the fridge, etc. There is another newspaper that we buy every single day. And here comes the question: Do you need this huge amount of mostly useless paper in your new home?
All of the newspapers are already old. It is the same with the magazines. Most of the things you can read there are already out of date. You might want to keep some books. Choose your favorite ones and throw away the ones that you don’t want to read soon. You will be amazed how much space you will free.

  1. Clothes and shoes

          Are you waiting for a very special event to wear that red dress you have kept in your closet for years? The time passes by and you still keep it right there. Think of all of the clothes you are just storing and not wearing at all. Get a box and start tossing. You are going to a new home which means you are starting a new life. You don’t need your old clothes that you will never wear. Not to mention the clothes you wore when you were a little kid. Donate these clothes to a local charity or give them to your friend or a smaller sister/brother.
It is the same when it comes to throwing away your old shoes. Don’t hesitate and start tossing. Most of the shoes you keep are worn out and you don’t really need them.

  1. Expired medicines

          When packing for your house removal, check all of the medicines you have. Some of them might have expired. Don’t fill a whole bag with medicines that you can’t use. May be it seems like not so important thing to do but it is good for your perfect organization.

  1. Things you don’t plan to fix

          You need to be honest with yourself – are you going to fix all of the broken things you keep in your home? If it’s broken, it’s more likely that you don’t need to pack it. Think about the repair cost and if it’s worth repairing them.

  1. Old DVDs, audio tapes, CDs and video games

          You surely have a lot of these. Think about all of the boxes you will need in order to transport these items. You often buy a CD, listen to songs and then store it somewhere in the house. Most of the CDs, DVDs and audio tapes are just gathering dust on the shelves. May be this is the best time for you to get rid of some of them by giving them to your friends or donating them.

          These are just some examples of items you may consider throwing away. Moving house may be the perfect time for you to make this big decision on what to transport to your new home. Don’t go with “What if…”, be determined and start decluttering.