How to get rid of my build up rubbish bags

There has been a lot of cases whereby animals died, trenches and sewer lines blocked due to rubbish bags improper disposal which in most cases, are of plastic material. In a World Wildlife Fund Report in 2005, it was noted that rubbish bags had caused death to nearly 200 species of sea creature ranging from dolphins, sharks, whales among others. Most plastic bags end up in landfills and sometimes floating around the environment if not on water bodies. It is, therefore, paramount to ensure proper disposal of rubbish bags. Here are a few guidelines on proper junk removal:

1. Recycle your rubbish

Trash such as glass, plastics, and magazines should be recycled as much as possible. The process can be done at the proper recycling facilities in your locality. You should also buy items that are recyclable for instance, instead of buying batteries that are used once, purchase rechargeable ones. In case you have a garden, you could buy a 10-pound home rubbish composting kit and turn your garden into quality compost.

2. Whenever possible, reuse items

Reusing items not only cuts down on your waste but also saves you money. You could reuse the items yourself or make a donation to charitable organizations. Try as much as possible to always:

• Reuse scrap paper

• Purchase recycled/recyclable products

• Buy items in refillable containers

• Reuse envelopes but covering the address with stickers

• Put unwanted goods on E-cycle

3. Cut down your waste

Prevention is certainly better than cure and for this reason, avoiding rubbish in the first place is better than trying to dispose of safely. Most people never understand how they end up with so much waste in their trash bags. A detailed analysis of some of the causes of too much waste was found to be due to ignoring certain essential measures. Therefore, rubbish reduction can be achieved through:

• Using modern rewash able nappies

• Hiring or borrowing items instead of buying

• Avoiding goods with lots of packaging

• Investing in durable, reusable bags

• Buying reliable and sustainable products rather than disposable ones

Landfills have become a common point of dumping rubbish bags. However, if put on proper use such as recycling and reusing, the amount build up rubbish bags in your homes could be turned into life-changing resources. There are a couple of companies dealing in garbage recycling and reusing in the UK. Moreover, some local councils offer recycling facilities to its resident hence no reason of keeping the pile.